Co-creation, innovation & experience in the Bolidt Innovation Center

On the banks of the Noord river in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the new Bolidt Innovation Center is rising.

Origins of the Bolidt Innovation Center

The origins of the Bolidt Innovation Center began with the need for an expansion of storage facilities.

For quite some time, the company also wanted to involve customers in the innovation process and allow them to experience the firm’s versatility. In the end, a lot of things came together and so it became not only a new logistics centre, but also a hospitable innovation centre with a living lab where everything centres on chemistry: business units, customers, enterprise, disciplines and raw material react to form something new.

What does this have to do with Esthec?

As an integral part of the Bolidt group, Esthec is represented in the Bolidt Innovation Center.

It’s the place where co-creation, innovation and experience come together. Where designers and other focus groups can be inspired to dream about the unlimited possibilities Esthec has to offer and where these dreams can be realised.

For example, in the Bolidream lab visitors have the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities in color, design and pattern. In addition, they can also test how the grip of the deck enhances passenger safety on yachts or the influence the experience on a terrace for a garden, quay or hotel.

In an other word, the new build will also increase the company’s storage capacity and boost the production of Esthec prefab products by integrating these business functions with the new Bolidt Innovation Centre.

Why the Bolidt Innovation Centre?

Because we believe that our stakeholders – from architects tot landscape gardeners – can offer a unique and invaluable experience that you cannot get anywhere else in our industry. The aim is to provide confidence that we have the very best solution for the applications of our stakeholders.

In conclusion, we hope to see you at the Bolidt Innovation Centre in the near future.

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