Value proposition to Outlets

  • Outlets sales teams training (certified training center)
  • Outlets sales support, hot line and sales professional
  • Proposal to implementation
  • Information and leads flow management
  • Extranet (brochures, price list, press kits, pictures database, …)
  • Communication agency : Com de la Déco
  • Merchandising
  • Show Room support (temporary or permanent exhibition, sales presentation, training, meetings, etc.)

Product offering

  • Product sourcing with selected suppliers
  • Precurser of the last trend furniture

l-agence-e-selection produits

Communication agency : Com de la Déco

  • Independent communication agency
  • Works on the image of the members at three levels:
  • National: communication development plans and comprehensive national campaigns for various brands
  • Local: specific actions of all types at the request of members
  • Press relations : involvement of a press relations agency to discuss the group ‘s brands
  • annual catalog, promotional brochure, Display 4 x 3, bus shelter campaign, Advertise on Place of Sale, radio spot, institutional stationery, mailing, E–Mailing campaign, press announcement, Website



UTD has developed a specialized firm , MODULIGN , merchandising concepts adaptable to all kind of stores , designed to meet the requirements of retail outlets but also to optimize profitability by square meter.